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May 23, 2018

April 12, 2018

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June 15, 2016

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Wellspring Stories: Learning to be a ‘wellspring’ of healing for the community

February 15, 2017


A blog series that re-tells the stories that have shaped Wellspring Church


The right word spoken at the right time can sometimes be a healing balm that buoys our sinking spirit. But words are also limited because while they might encourage us, they can’t exactly change our situation. It’s not just dark in the valley; it’s quiet too.


Keith and Heather Owens entered that dark and quiet valley soon after the mountaintop experience of welcoming baby Emily into the world. It didn’t take long to discover that their little bundle was unresponsive to visual and auditory stimuli. Emily was blind and deaf, and her parents were devastated.


Devastated beyond words.


The Owens family visited Wellspring soon after the church received its name. A man named Rick Joyner had recently prophesied that we’d be “a wellspring of healing to the community”, and after that everyone started calling us Wellspring. We’ve always prayed for healing at the end of every Sunday service, so when they visited, Keith and Heather brought little Emily to the front for prayer.


After a few introductions and explanations, our “Healing Team” asked permission to place a hand on Emily while praying for her. There was no fantastic hand-waving or religious hoopla; just a simple prayer from some simple friends of God. When they finished praying, there were no visible changes, so Keith and Heather thanked the team and went home. That was on a Sunday.


On Wednesday, Emily was lying on her back as Heather walked by, and that’s when she noticed something amazingly different. Emily tracked her with her eyes! Heather couldn’t believe hers.


Ensuring it wasn’t a fluke, she passed by again with the same result. More tests followed in rapid succession. Heather shouted at Emily loudly; Emily jolted. On previous occasions, the desperate mother would shout in vain, hoping that the right amount of volume might somehow break through, only to discover again that her words were powerless.


This time she broke through, but it wasn’t because of the power of human words; it was because of the power of God’s Spirit.


They took Emily back to the doctor, and her hearing and eyesight were completely healed. Needless to say, the family joined our church! And Wellspring had taken a step forward in living out our namesake: a wellspring of healing for the community.


This is a journey that we’re still on. Sometimes the journey is mysterious, like in the case of my wife. Ten years ago, a single prayer instantly healed Alicia of a multi-year struggle with debilitating migraines; five years ago, Alicia suffered from Bell’s Palsy and she’s still not healed. I pray for her every morning when I bring her the morning coffee.


Sometimes I struggle to believe; always, I struggle to understand. 


Part of the reason we’re committed to this journey is because we recognize the power of spiritual inheritance. Just as Moses left a spiritual inheritance for Joshua, and Elijah for Elisha, and Jesus for His disciples…. Our previous Senior Pastor left a spiritual inheritance for us. It’s a spiritual inheritance that he received from the late John Wimber.


Both John and Jack have been used by God to heal blindness, deafness, lifelong infirmities, and even to raise the dead. Jack is no longer the Senior Pastor of Wellspring, but he’s a spiritual father to me, and his legacy of healing remains with us.


The legacy remains with us, but it’s not just for us. We’re to be a wellspring of healing “for the community”. The church that exists for itself won’t exist for long. The world around us is hurting, and they need more than our well-intended words.


“For the kingdom of God is not a matter of talk, but of power” (1 Cor. 4:20).




If you're interested in joining us on the journey, please leave a comment below or on social media! We'd love to help you on your journey.



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