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May 23, 2018

April 12, 2018

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June 15, 2016

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God's Secret

July 26, 2016

“But we impart a secret and hidden wisdom of God, which God decreed before the ages for our glory” (1 Cor. 2:7).



Have you heard the real “secret” of the Christian life? If you know this ONE THING, it will revolutionize your walk with God! So many Christians TRAGICALLY live without this VITAL KNOWLEDGE, but you don’t have to suffer any longer!!


Would you like to know the secret?



The secret is… THE GOSPEL!! Isn’t it wonderful?!!!




Or are you a little disappointed?


As ridiculous as it sounds, what I just described is both the Corinthians’ mistake and the Apostle’s solution.


Some of the Corinthians thought they possessed some “secret” knowledge that made them extra “spiritual”. They existed on a sort of higher plane than those mundane everyday Christians like the Apostle Paul.


We do the same thing, especially (though not exclusively) in the Charismatic world[1]:

  • “If you just pray this one special written-out prayer, you’ll be able to break the generational curses that have bound you for so long.”

  •  “If you just follow this one special technique (that I didn’t get from the Bible), then you’ll be able to cast out demons and heal the sick.”

  • “If you just get this one special spiritual gift (the gift of tongues), your prayers will be more powerful and your life will be more victorious.”

  • “If you just have this one spiritual experience….”


If you just…



The list goes on.



Anytime somebody offers a spiritual “solution”, and it requires special extra-biblical knowledge or special gospel-addendums, it’s a good time to start looking for the exit.


There are no new secrets to living the Christian life. There’s just one very old secret, hidden in God’s heart “before the ages” but revealed to us in the Gospel.


In his lectures on the Book of Romans, Martin Luther says that true spiritual growth is to “always begin again.” He then adds that we must constantly “embrace the love and kindness of God… and daily exercise our faith therein; entertaining no doubt of God’s love and kindness.”




That’s how often we must remind ourselves of God’s good news because that’s how often we are barraged with the world’s bad news and the devil’s untruths.


If each of us really believed in the deepest places that God is wildly in love with us just like we are right now and without any changes, it would transform the way we feel about ourselves, our world, and our God.


At Wellspring Church, one of the ways we try to keep the Gospel central to our lives and ministry is by reciting a Gospel confession every week in the Sunday service.


I’ve included a copy below of our Gospel confession (adjusted to be in the first-person since you’re probably reading this alone), and I encourage you to read it over yourself everyday for a week. As you read it, ask for God’s grace to help you really believe it.


The Gospel is the good news

That Jesus died and rose again

To reverse the curse of sin

And redeem all who believe.


I believe in Jesus.

I trust Him to forgive me of my sins

And to give me new life.


Therefore, I am saved from the penalty of sin.

I am being saved from the power of sin.

And I will be saved from the presence of sin.


By faith I receive the blessings of the Gospel:

My guilt is forgiven

My stain is undone

My worth is affirmed

My freedom is won

My fate is secure

So I never need fear

You welcome your friends

To forever draw near.


We don’t need to discover more than this. What we need is to go deeper into it.


THAT’S the secret of the Christian life.




[1] I consider myself “charismatic” in that I believe in the passionate pursuit of all the spiritual gifts revealed in the Scripture. Simultaneously, it grieves me that too often my tribe prioritizes spiritual gifts and experiences over the Gospel, rather than viewing them as the fruit of Jesus’ death and resurrection.

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