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"God Likes You"

God likes you because you’re you.

Sometimes it’s easier for us to believe that God loves us than it is for us to believe that He actually likes us. “Of course He loves us,” we say. “He’s God.” But does He actually like us and want to be our Friend?


The answer is a resounding yes! In fact, He “liked” us so much that He came to us—even when we were running from Him! He’s a pursuing God.


There were two barriers that God had to overcome in order to be with us, which was His ultimate desire.


The first barrier God overcame was the barrier of HUMANITY.


Have you ever felt like someone doesn’t “get you”? If you have, it’s likely because they haven’t “walked in your shoes”. It’s the same with God—in order to truly “get us” He had to walk in our shoes. 2000 years, ago, God came to us—not just geographically as a Supreme Being, but personally, as a Human Being. As a human He suffered, just like we do, so He could relate to us at the deepest possible levels—He really does like us, and He wants to be our Friend!


The second barrier God overcame was the barrier of HOLINESS.


God gave every human the dignity of a choice: to love Him, or not to love Him. To love Him is called, “holiness”, and to not love Him is called “sin”. Unfortunately, all of us made the wrong choice with our lives, and that’s why Jesus broke down this final barrier, giving His life for us on the Cross. There, Jesus paid the price for our sins, bearing the judgment we deserved. Three days later, He conquered our sin and rose again—He really does like us, and He wants to be our Friend!


At Wellspring, we are all about friendship: Friendship with Jesus and one another. No matter where you’re at on your spiritual journey, we’re excited to extend our friendship—and His—to you.